The story of Zed Penguin begins with an Aussie nomad Matthew Winter running out of money in Scotland. Following an ill-fated attempt at getting a job on a fishing trawler, Matthew found himself arrested and locked up in the cells. He took it as a sign that becoming a fisherman wasn't his destiny in life. He headed to Edinburgh, broke and crestfallen. Accidentally kicking some keys in a churchyard lead to securing a job in the local psychiatric hospital. Edinburgh embracing him. He hugged back.

In his tiny boxroom he started making four-track recordings and putting them up on MySpace under the moniker Zed Penguin. Never expecting to play live, he was eventually coerced into doing so by the master of the Hobo Society Gavin Duvet, who ran gigs at the Old Bongo Club. Zed Penguin was born and Matthew found he loved playing live accompanied by a small homemade 5-watt valve amp. As he continued to play he made the acquaintance of other local musicians and was occasionally accompanied by a Japanese composer Atzi Muramatso on cello. Not being sure whether he chose them or they chose him, within a few years Matthew found he had a four-piece band with Atzi Muramatso on cello, James Metcalfe (The Pineapple Chunks) on bass and Casey Miller (STONES) on drums.

In 2012, playing alongside Le Thug, Plastic Animals and Magic Eye, Zed Penguin recorded their Song, By Toad debut on the label's split 12" Vol. 2, which was meant to be followed by an LP. Fate interfered. Matthew Winter suffered a serious assault, which lead him to shelve his musical ambitions for the next 2 years.

In 2015, Zed Penguin began recording their debut LP A Ghost, A Beast in an analogue studio built in an old Edinburgh church by the engineer and local dancing wizard Doug MacDonald. Two years later, A Ghost, A Beast finally came into being.

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